The Club

Royal Table Football Club is an elite, private team in the western suburbs of Chicago. Our club promotes the sport of table football both on a national and international level. We are looking for players who actively participate in this sport or want to learn about it.

HISTORY: Dating back to late 2013, there have been numerous table football clubs in the Chicago area but for a variety of reasons none of them flourished and all of them ended up dissolved. On May 30, 2017, Royal T.F.C. was founded to promote the sport of table football. The main driver for establishing this club was the need of the Chicago area to have a true and viable table football team.

• • •

Logo: Our logo has a circular shape that signifies our club’s unity. The crown is the middle stands for the royalty of our players to our club while the two figures on the sides represent our sport, table football. The year our club was established is also shown in our logo. The color purple is the color of royalty.

• • •

AFFILIATIONS: Our club supports all clubs and organizations that promote the sport of table football. On a National level, we are members of the American Subbuteo Association (ASA). On the international scene, our club is a member and an avid supporter of the Federation International Sports Table Football (FISTF) and the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA). For more information about these two global organizations see this tab on our website.